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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Outlaws, Lawmen & Rebels,

"Golden Age of Gangsters" Convention that transpired on September 10 to 12, 2004 in Itasca, Illinois at the Holiday Inn was a HUGE Success.  

I would like to personally thank Harry Lawrence for bringing together so many celebrities which included Well-Known Authors Ellen Poulsen, Rick Mattix, John Binder, Rick Porrello, Patrick Downey, Rose Keefe, myself 7ony Stewart and several others. Internationally-Known Al Capone Memorabilia Collectors/Experts Mario Gomes, Joe Walters and Al Capone Cigars Regional Manager Richard Larsen. Rare Book and Magazine Sellers Michael Webb and Tom Prior. Also Relatives of the Famous/Imfamous such as Davis Rorer, Mafia Princess Antoinette Giancana and Dominac Capone. Talented actors and Notable Stars Georgia Durante, Joe Gannascoli, John Fiore, Michael Cipiti, Clem Castera and Frank D'Amico. Executive Film Producers David M. Huntley, Tony and Paul Giampino of Windy City Films. Sensational Artist Michael Bell. I also had the honor of talking to Cumberland House National Accounts Manager Chris Bauerle,  Forgotten Heroes President Ronald C. Van Raalte, Historian Butch Smith, Expert History Buff Tom Smusyn and many others.

This affair was history in the making. This gathering of celebrities traveled from Florida, Iowa, Indiana, New York, New Jersey, California, Canada, London and several other locations.

The "Golden Age of Gangsters" Convention http://www.goldenageofgangsters.com/links.html was truly an historical event with special guests such as:

Talented author Ellen Poulsen www.Dillingerswomen.com and husband Andrew who were both very kind and considerate folks. 

Author Rick Mattix and his supported wife Linda http://www.geocities.com/mdog_921/RickMattixAdventuresinGangsterland.html were just across the way from me...and I really enjoyed their company. They were like close friends that I've known my whole life...good people!

Then there was the famous Mario Gomes http://www.alcaponemuseum.com/. He was the well-dressed kind-hearted gangster we have all read about. He was in character as one of the Capone boys with one exception...he is a close friend of mine. 

And John Bender...who is no-doubt one of the best known Top-notch Chicago authors in the business.  

And of course there's the beautiful Georgia Durante www.performancetwo.com. She looks so innocent...but has actually lived with the mob. She is lucky to be alive, but then again she deals with death on a daily basis as a hollywood stunt car driver. 

And I forget my good friend Sir J. Davis Rorer www.knightshospitaller.org. I liked Davis the minute I met him, but that's the kind of guy he is...he makes you smile and brings people together.

Patrick Downey was all smiles too...not only is he the author of "Gangster City" http://www.gangstercity.org/  but is a well-known Comedian too.  Great Guy!

My first impression of Hollywood star Clem Caserta www.TheVagrant.com who has acted along side Robert DeNiro is "Is this guy a real gangster?" He had the look...and he had the Italian mob attitude...I loved the guy! And Paul Giampino...a close friend of Clem's seemed to remind me of the body guard or the muscle. He looked over the guy like a hawk. 

I had much admiration for Dean O'Banion author Rose Keefe www.deanobanion.com.

Keefe had a booth next to rare book seller Michael Webb of http://www.crimewebcollectible ...who is presently selling Bill Helmer's collection. Check it out!

Antoinette Giancana is the daughter of Sam Giancana, but she appeared to be more of a sweet grandmother rather than a mobsters little girl. She is indeed the Pasta Princess. Check out her site at:  www.pastaprincess.com. 

And my favorite artist Michael Bell www.MBellArt.com ...whom I have much admiration for his talent and kindness towards others.

My good friend Tom Prior was the vender next to me. He was from the UK. He sold me an interesting "True Crime Magazine" and watched my booth several times for me. He is also mentioned on page 566 in the book "Little Man" about Myer Lansky.

Richard Larsen was a true gentleman who also happens to be the producer of the film "The Good Capone," and Regional Manager of Al Capone Cigars www.TheAlCapone.com.

And the extemely knowledgable Tom Smusyn who worked with Joe Pinkston putting together the present book "John Dillinger - The Life and Death of America's First Celebrated Criminal" written by Dary Matera www.darymatera.com.

The Amazingly famous Richard Crowe - Chicago's Ghost Hunter http://www.ghosttours.com/. This guy is for real!  

Frank DAmico, Joe Gannascoli, John Fiore, Joe Walters, Dominac Capone, Rick, Porrello, Michael Cipiti and many others were also present.

And lets NOT forget the lovely Ann Martin, who shined a light on our Dillinger booth and made it come to life. Thank you for your kind support.

! Please check out my site at: www.JohnnieDillinger.freeservers.com .

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